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Looking for a good All terrian tire

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Hello , I am looking for a set of good all terrian tires , I am currently running 26" Mudlite XL's on a 500ES but I am thinking I could get by with something a little less agressive....I dont really need a mud tire , I just need something that is good on the trail and hard packed/ pavement. The mudlites seem like there a great tire but I find at low speeds they seem to load up with mud , even if the mud is just a few inches thick. I am looking at , Big Horns , 589 , and terracross....Is there a better tire for trail? Any input would be greatly appreciated ....
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Personally I would recommend the Bigorns or the Terracross.
Does anyone know the cheapest place for 25 or 26" Big Horns?
Bighorns do good on any kind of terrain.....+they are radials and they ride really good! Also they measure like an inch big so 26"s are like 27's! If I didnt mud ride all the time I would have a set of 27" bighorns on mine
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Does anyone know the cheapest place for 25 or 26" Big Horns?
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kenda bear claws all the way
I have itp blackwaters. I dont know if they still make them or not but they are good in mud sand and dirt.... ignore the mud pic to the left..
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