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Looking at a 500

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I am looking at buying a 500 4x2 .The only known problem is front push bar bent. Its a 05 is there anything I need to look for on this model that could be bad? Thanks
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something i always look at is the air box,(is it clean, is the air filter clean...) is the wheel bearings good, does it shift smooth. does it have trail scratches or has it been trashed. generally a good looking ATV has been maintained as well. if it hasnt been maintained DONT BUY IT.
Don't know what you're looking to spend, but if that bike doesn't work out, a buddy of mine just drove up to Chatanooga and bought a brand new 06 Foreman 500 2x4 from Southern Honda Powersports for $3999 OTD. Not too bad.
Thats a good deal this is my nephews wanting to get out of a payment has a winch can get it for less that 1500
I went and looked at it today but did not get to ride it did not have the key but its a real good looking ATV not beat up bad. just trying to deside if I want to get it I have a travel trailer I need to get rid of firt.
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RJR what part of al u from
Some 2005 model had clutch recalls. Wasn't the actual clutch, but a part for it. You need to call Honda or go online and search for the vin number. I had mine fixed about a year ago, still has the same issues though.
Well i got to ride it today Man its has a ton of power. i thinkvthe vaules need adjusted but I dont think thats a big one. I know its going to need tires and brakes any ideas on a good set and good price. i am mainly going to be using it for the motocross track I am the Medic for the Alabama series. I will be hauling me my gear and my 108lbs wife
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