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Looked at the Foreman 500

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Stopped by a Honda dealer last week and took a close look at the new Foreman 500. Nice ATV, I liked the disc brakes and more cc’s, but I did not like the racks/plastic bumpers, they were chintzy and not as robust as the 450. The machine is more “plasticyâ€
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That is my thinkin' as well. I like the looks of the 450 better also.
The foreman has a real metal bumper. No plastic bumper on mine. Only the skid plates are plastic. The new foreman rides much better also.
I agree with Raver, the way the new Foreman rides, that alone should be enough to overlook anything you really dont like about it.
yea i cant believe how great the ride is on robbs 05 foreman talk about smooth
fox shocks

I have read about an aftermarket fox shock kit that increases the flex on the foreman, and the ride is suppose to be cadi smooth. the stock shocks are like pogo sticks, low bid and all.
But the cost is prohibitive 800.00
Even on zillas my 05 rides better than the 04's. Honda did their homework on this one.
I guess it’s the way you use it. Mine hauls chainsaws, fencing materials as well as dragging logs and brush around. Does not see very much play time, I use 2 wheelers for that. A soft suspension might be nice for a trail rider but not for work.
My 05 will work as hard as your bike. Just doesn't beat you to death in the process. I can assure you that the 05 is everybit the worker that the older ones are without the bread truck ride.
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