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Look what I found at my door

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Boy I cant wait to get these things on im excited.

They are going on the stock wheels tomorrow. I would not mind some better wheels but dont really have the money for it and I think the stock wheels look perty good for a stock wheel IMO.. serves the same job anyway lol.

Cant wait.
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Some good looking tires no doubt - let us know how they perform.
I can almost smell'm. AAAAHHHHHHHHH. That new rubber smell.
I will let you know how they perform for sure.

Went with 26x12 in the back for.. well duh
and went with 26x9 in the front because I love to ride on trails and tight turns and being able to handle it is very important. I think it will be a good combo and seems alot of people told me to go with those sizes.
If i had a camera at work i would taker pictures of the ones i getting today too.
i have 27x12 on back and 27x9 on front exact same tires love them had some issues with bead sealing at first

Do those tires ride rough or are they pretty smooth?
Re: ?

QUOTE ("quickblue6":17pggdy5)
Do those tires ride rough or are they pretty smooth?
only time you can really feel them is if you are backing up, or going slowly at say 4mph or less.. And even then it is nothing much at all.

I am very happy with them.
While im at it I might as well post some on the quad pics. They are clean because I just put them on when I took these pics

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Looks good.
looks good.

if you want to know what your bike looks like with 589's here ya go
very nice.
one more up front
looks a lot like mine just A LOT less mud than mine right now.
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