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Look what Brown just did for me

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looks like i have something to do tonight
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good looking stuff, you get to have fun!
where did you get that and how much it cost you.
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

skid plate & stik guards delivered to my office $189.97

stik guards -$72
skid plate -$108
shipping -$9.97
After I get my clutch in. I am going to get one of the bash plates too they look good on the new 500s.
i got something in the works youll like truegrit but its top secret right now.
Great right after i get my stuff in there is something "top secret"
hopefully will have some pics for everybody tomorrow morning.

also installing some front and rear bumpers on my buddy's Kodiak tonight..we will see
QUOTE ("Rubicon3303":3veby6h8)
i got something in the works youll like truegrit but its top secret right now.
OOOOOHHH.... I can't wait, is it going to other bikes or just yours??

Thats what I mis about not working in the medal fab shop any more. I could bring the frorman a crude drawing, acouple measurements and a case of beer. The in a couple days I could have it. That was nice.
its gonna be for my bike yours and hopefully all the honda line.
and the finished project......
one of the simplest install's i have ever done. I would have become a mechanic if everything was this easy.
very nice thought it wouldnt look as good as it does. I need a big $$ garage as that.
That's a sweet looking plate, and that is great looking bumber on your buddies machine, did it replace the stock one or did it attach to the stock front?
That Yamaha bumper bolted right on the stock
funny thing is they dont sell it in the US only in canada

I need a big $$ garage as that
What i lack in house i make up for in garage.

2 story house 1st floor=Garage, 2nd floor=house
man looks sweet, trying to convince myself to up grade my skids, but still need hp. good mod
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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