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Loiusiana+Forest Hills=mud??

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Any of y'all know if Forest Hills has any mud pits??Where would they be at??
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yeah they have mud there, if you go through the creek and stay to the left, you will find mud, look for trails by the trees, and you will find it. that is if it has rained lately
where is this Forest Hill that yall speak of? looking for a place to ride this saturday, we were going to go ride mud creek but that area has been getting hit by storms all week long and its gonna be like that through the rest of the weekend
It's By Nachodich,La.It's located by Camp Claibourne.
Is there a website or anything. Looking for a good place to go ride when i get back in LA
Nope,but try going to <a href="" target="_blank"></a> .They have some better mudriding spots,drag and Climbing courses.But,it's cool there to.
Ive been to Sicilly Island a few times. Its nice but too sandy. Thinkin about trying out Timberlanes. Thanks for the websites.
Trying to ride at Camp Claiborne in the next two weeks or so if I can get away. I've been in the area camping but never on the trails. According to the website, there are three trails that vary in "length & difficulty." I'm hoping for the more difficult trails, not just a smooth cruise. The site has topo maps of the area and it looks like a quite a bit of grade changes so i'm hoping it's an interesting ride.

Anyone been to these trails? I'm looking to do the Woodworth Loop, etc.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

<a href="" target="_blank"> ... trails.htm</a>

Anyone else want to go?
there are a couple of nice holes at the dunes, also i wish the creek at the entrance was a bit deeper.............
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