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Is anyone using these lockers, Detroit Gearless "Easy Steer" Locker .

If so, how hard are they to put on.

I have an 04' Rancher AT, looking to get the most out of it. Thanks
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yah DGL would be the best. a little harder to steer in 4wd tho. are the 400s full time 4wd like the 350s? if so a warn 424 would be your best bet to fix that.
The 400 AT is 2 wheel and 4 wheel with a switch on the handle bar.
Detroit Locker

I installed one on my 350 rancher 4x4 along with the 424 kit. In true 4 wheel is steers a little harder but not bad. When it is in two wheel drive I don't even notice it. I will also say; the larger the tires you put on your bike will make a differance. I installed 26 XTR's on my bike, steering is a little tougher in 4 wheel but not that bad....

Good luck... 3 to 4 hrs to install both locker & 424 kit
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Nice looking ride, I like the tires.

How hard is it to install a locker? I'm somewhat mechanically inclined.

I just installed a HMF Penland pipe on the 400AT. It sounds great. Noticeable improvement in horse power. I ordered the silent core along with the spark arrester, but have not put it on yet. Going ride tommorrow in the spillway to see if there is a jump out the mud effect.
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