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I am looking at getting a locker for my bike. Does the DGL work good and how hard is it to steer?
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There is no difference w/ the DGL in 2wd then w/o. Obviously w/ 4wd engaged it will be a llittle harder to steer with both tires pulling.
like Truegrit said, it will be a little harder to steer but should not be that much harder. i never had a locker on any of my hondas but when i bought my brute force it already had one, i cant beleve how much it helps i never thought that it would work so good. i think it would be a good mod for any style of riding, because i use it everywhere.
It's unbelievable at how much difference a locker makes! The best mod I have done to my Foreman by far. It can get you places a stock Foreman can't go! It's well worth the money.

I would love to know if it wears out quickly or is the DGL strong and last a while.
Time will tell I guess. I only have about 300 miles on mine so far, so I will keep ya posted as to how it holds up!
put around 1300 trouble free miles on my Kodiak with a DGL, and had 800 trouble free miles on the Rubicon when I sold it, that had a DGL too. I have had very good luck with the Locker.


Honda with DGL=Priceless
now yall are talking about detriot gearless locker right cuz im thinking i would put one on my foreman
sounds like a plan

i would love to have one too....but should i get aftermarket tires first???
yes of coarse with the stock tires your not going to get much further.
did ya'll put these in yourself or did you take them to the honda shop to get it done. I'd like to get one, but I'll have to save up some bones to get that. Kinda price. Thousand bucks between that and rims and tires.
There is some machine work of the front diff required for installation. Usually costs aboput $40 for the work. But once you have it out you can install it your self.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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