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Hello Folks and Greetings from S/E Illinois. I am brand new to this forum so bear with me for being the nube. I have rode power sports for over 50 years now and still at 64 get the thrill of the throttle. I recently traded in my trusty 01 Foreman 400 for a crazy deal 20 Rubicon dlx. What an amazing machine, such a technological advancement in 19 years. I like to crawl, in the woods, out of the creek, and the AWD 400 was pretty hard to beat, low geared. In the last 10 miles on this Rubicon I have done all those paths plus about a dozen new ones, amazing machine. Thanks Honda.

So here is my question. I rarely haul the wheeler in the back of the truck but sometimes that is your only option. I have a 2500 HD 4wd shortbed and the tailgate hits me about chest high. My old aluminum folding ramps worked fine with a 1500 truck and the 400. My first attempt loading the Rubicon with my ramps in this truck determined the angle too steep. I don't like wheelies in a 5.5 box, I am 64....LOL I think that I have a couple options but I would appreciate your input;

(1) I can install a good winch and an anchor plate in the front of the truck bed and use my existing ramps.
(2) Longer ramps.

What are thoughts on loading our wheelers in these tall trucks Thanks for your input.
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