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Loading Ramps

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Some shots of a set of ramps I made from material I had lying around. Used an old ladder, some 1x6 boards ,alum angle iron and some old conveyor belt rubber. They cost me a couple of dollars for hardware but that's it.
They are much lighter than any commercial ones I've seen and can be made any length you like to allow for lifted trucks. Very fast to set up as there is no need for straps.
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Looks good
good idea, i wouldnt think that ladders would hold a 4wheeler i would think it would bend or break. i have always used wooded boards for years and this year for christmas i finally got a good set. you might be able to sell them to people you ride with or something and make some money. they look good though.
They look good and definently lighter than mine...
I bought a aluminum set of bi-fold ramps when I bought my bikes. I never would have thought about the ladders, smart idea if you have them around. That said I would not trade my ramp. I use it for about 4 other things than just unloading and loading stuff in to the bed of my truck. When you go to ride how do you secure your ramps/ladders though? When I go I just drive the rear wheels over the ramp. I figure if you want them enough to lift my truck go for it!
Usually ride from our cabin on weekends so no worry about securing the ramps. If at a different area they fit in the cab with the seats reclined in my extended cab full size truck. Ramps are more than strong enough for any atv but didn"t like it when i tried parking the rear truck tires on them like you do!
sweet, here when we go ride. all my friends put their ramps on the ground and park their truck on top of them.

can't steal the racks unless you and can move or lift a chevy dually.

i think it is dumb, personally.

i have a trailer with a gate...that is all i need...actually, the gate was 4ft. long and i cut it in half so my dad could mount it on his trailer...

we each have 2ft., more than enough for the old foreman and 4wheel drive.
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