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LiteFoot Track

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An exciting day..went to the MattTracks factory in Karlstad MN to pick-up my new set of LiteFoot XT tracks for my Foreman 450S...can't wait to put them on and give them a try. I really bought them for hunting and ice-fishing, but, I'll put them on now to get use to the feel and adjustments etc. prior to the fall and next winter here in MB Canada.

I give a report once I've given them a go!

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good luck let us know how they do
good luck again, post some pictures please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
I wanna see some pics, never seen them on a 450 yet. Give us a review on their performance. If you dont mind me asking, how much did they set you back?
Lucky dog...

Picture has been posted in the Picture and Video Gallery....

Let me know what you think....
looks good, how much were they
Sit down and hold on.....$5000US....

I have explained my 'rationale' on the PICS index....
QUOTE ("JDR":1hvrryzq)
Sit down and hold on.....$5000US....

I have explained my 'rationale' on the PICS index....

Someone found a money tree in the swamp...
We sell & install the TJD track kits they are very heavy duty .. Are the MattTracks any better ..?..
I looked at the TJD system and it was a close second. What you are getting with the MattTracks system in the 'adjustable' system and footprint. I agree that it is an expensive 'add-on', also the TJD system has more plastic products than the MattTracks which are more high-quality machine aluminum.

One other consideration is that the TJD model was not available for a Foreman S series, only the Foreman ES series.

Overall, I feel that the manufacturing quality of the MattTracks products is superior and the adjustable suspension and footprint make them a more versatile system for various conditions.

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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