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Limited slip Question

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Last night I was blowing through snow drifts and well I high centered in the middle of one. So I was hung up with one front tire in the air and the other on the snow pack, but the one in the air just spun, and the power did not transfer to the wheel that griped? Because there was no resistance at all for the other tire? Right?

But now after reading in another forum, it said that if the front brake is applied slightly the power should have transfered. Anyone know if that works?

Anyhow after 10minutes of lifting pulling and digging I was off again for bigger driffs, and my wife is starting to see that a winch is needed. I will only need to get stuck another 19 times before she will buy me one
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The brake trick works very well for me. You have to have very good brakes for it to work. Although, on my buddies Rubicon, I can not get it to work for anything. Once you get the hang of it, it works fairly well, but it would be nice if Honda would put a front differential lock on some of their atv's wouldn't it.
I have never had any luck trying the break. The newer Foreman put the power to the front wheel with traction, not the one in the air.
Yeah, the brake trick works wonders for me and hill climbing, though most of the time I don't need it. All you need to do is when the front tires loose their traction and one starts to spin let off the thottle to where the tires are just barely spinning and grip and quickly release the break while applying harder throttle, do this a couple times and your front differential is practically locked until you let off the throttle.
yea not so true i have a 09 honda foreman and it will send the power to the tire with no traction and the tire with all the traction just sits there. and as far as the brake trick it doesnt work for me. maybe there is a secret i dont know about but as many times as i have heard this and as many times i have saw this i have tried to solve them both and the only way to have both tires spinning at one time is to get a locker. i have noticed that once i installed my 28in mud lites the problem is well worse. i have heard the bigger the tire the worse it getts and i have seen it first hand.
there is 2 fixes for this a DGL or a spool. get either one and never worry about it again.
hondas infamous 3wd. hint to your wife that a winch sounds like a great gift idea for fathers day. Ive never had much more than sporadic luck with the brake trick either. snow is tricky stuff, even with a locker. atvs certainly are not a good substitute for a sled in the snow.
to avoid the 3 wheel drive, I installed a spool, any backyard shadetree mechanic would have no issue installing themselves.
I have never had any luck trying the break. The newer Foreman put the power to the front wheel with traction, not the one in the air.

thats not true. it may say it does but i've had my 07 in plenty of places where the brake trick has worked. in fact i've posted video's on this site showing how it works. the traxlok diff is alright but nowhere near as good as a locker
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