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Light switch and white bulbs

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Well I finally got around to putting a switch on the Foreman so I can turn off the main headlight, it was pretty easy and only took about 30 minutes to do. Now I want to put those Silver Star white bulbs in place of the stock one's, does anyone know the part numbers for these for the main and the 2 lower headlight bulbs? I know PIAA makes the H6 for the lower lights but they are a little to expensive for my taste.
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I have looked for Silverstars, no luck yet, How about some details on the switch, if you dont mind
Take apart your HL pod and find the green wire going to the main HL cut it and splice in a switch mounted in your choice of locations and reassemble, its that easy. The wire is just long enough to pull out and cut. So nice not having the glare off the racks now. My next thing is going to wire it so I can run just the main light alone, and just the lowers with out the tails, good for hide and seek
I'd add that adding a little extra wire will help you locate it on the key switch plate which is where i put mine. I'll take some pictures of it when i get home. The Silver Star 9145 will fit the upper headlight and here's a website that has the Xenon H6 bulbs that fit the lower lights. I know these bulbs fit the 04 Foreman, to see if they fit the newer 05 and 06 just get the part number off the bulbs and go from there. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
Awsome, that will be my next mod! the last time i was out on a ride we covered the light on my friends foreman because we put a cooler on the front rack, the glare was horrible. Me and SASQUATCH talked about it after that, I was wondering if it was possible. Now i know!!!
TM, you will like having the switch to turn off that headlight, i use mine a lot in the fall for hunting and when i'm coming off thetrail at night with a fully loaded wheeler and trailer it will be nice to not have that glare in my face. It's a very easy mod to do and shouldn't take you but about 30 minutes or so. You should also get that Silver Star bulb for that light, it makes a world of difference when your riding at night and actually using it to light the trail ahead.
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