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Light covers?

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does anyone know of light covers out for the foreman?...I know i have seen them on the net somewhere but cant track em down. they come in different colors and just slip on i think. the only place i have even seen em is on a ranger in the highlifter catalog..I'm not even sure if they exist lol, just wondering. thanks.

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i would get a roll of ducktape. we used to put ducktape over them during the day so when we rode back to the camp we would not have to wash the light off. pill off the tape and go.
I havn't seen them either. You may look at an graphics shop (car wraps and vinyls). They may have transparent film that can adhere to the lens.
I haven't seen any atv headlight covers either, you could try looking at an auto part store for a different colored bulbs.
If you want colored lights. You can got to craft store they have paint for making fake stained glass. Just spray it on the bulb.
Good work Phil . I hadn't seen those yet. You got me thinking now...
no problem i love shopping in cabelas and when i saw them i thought about getting me some
yeah phil thats exactly what i was lookin just made me mad i couldnt remember where i've seen them....thanks for the help

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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