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Liftspring Problem

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My friend has a foreman 450 and he put Highlifter Lift springs and they rub against the shock the metal of the shock, does anyone know what could have happened or what he could
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is it rubbing on the top or bottom of the shock? The top of the shock has a plastic sleeve to help hold the spring out and to keep trash off the shalf. The bottom just has a saddle to hold the spring in place.
its rubbing on the strut the metal part
I need alittle more info. here is a pix, The spring should fit snug on both ends as u can see in the pix, . Like I said above the plastic sleeve holds the top in place, if this is missing or broken the spring will not set right and will cause it to move around, the bottom should not move at all in the saddle.
Ok you see how its plastic then goes to metal it like the spring is to small for the shock
Thanks for the help dirty4man but he fixed it all he did was twisted them around
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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