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Lifting the front tires

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I am new to the forum and have been doing a lot of reading on here. Thanks to everyone for posting some great information!

My question is: How the heck is everyone pulling their front tires off the ground in a wheelie?? Unless I hit a decent bump or something there is no way my 06 Foreman will pull the front tires off the ground. Are all of these other machines running aftermarket parts that are making that much more power? Mine is completely stock and only I have only had it a month. I am in Montana at about 5000' elevation if that makes much difference on these. I can live without pulling the front tires off the ground but on occasion it is helpful. Suggestions??

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I can only pull my wheels up in the water or i hit a good bump. If you have an S model, you use it as a clutch almost and rev it up and drop it.
4' of water and you can pull them up every time.
Whew...I was beginning to think that there was something wrong with mine!
It is an S model....isnt that a little hard on the tranny??
yeah I think it would be, deadmullet here on the board is a pro at it, and makes it look easy, when ive tried it, it jus grinded, and coincidence or not, by the end of that day, my trans was done.
obviously operator error

other than Robb i have never seen anyone tear up a tranny pulling a wheelie. I first learned how to do it on a Rancher, they weighed a lot less, and were easier.

I start off in second, push the clutch down just enough so you can rev the motor and not go anywhere, rev it up a little and let go as your pulling on the handle bars...and off you go.

5000ft high? i figure you would just float around due to lack of gravity
I accidently pulled that clutch trick a week ago...made me nervous. Maybe I will try it again. Just don't have the money to fix it right now if I break it.

I usually ride at between 6000 and 7000 ft. You can't beat the views and yep, it pretty much feels like floating around. Thats why I love this S, it can get me to some pretty awesome places and back in less than a day.
i am also a pro at it too but it is on my old 300 2wd, beleave it or not but i can go through all the gears in a wheelie. this is pretty much what deadmullet said but the thing i do is, put your right leg up on the bike so your knee is on the seat and your foot is up aganst the little bar on the rear rack then get your other foot on the shifter in first or second (second is alot easyer) then let it rev up then just let down on the shifter.
that is they way i do it's a piece of cake once you find the balance point....

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hey i

i can pull the front tires off the ground at a dead stop and just hit the gas but i also have if bored out, and that is with the 29.5s on it. i think the biggest help in riding wheelies is the lift springs because it doesnt squat as much. but yea ive never seen or heard of many other 500s lifting the front tires of the ground from a dead stop (and that is without dumping the clutch.) on flat ground!!!
I can bring my bike up into a wheelie but i really have to throw all my weight to the rear end to get it to pop up
Thanks guys, I feel better now!
I drop the shifter in 2nd to do mine, sorta funny that I'm actually gettin wear on the lil mudflaps looking pieces on the back
i can bring mine up i put my knee in the sheet hit the gas in first bring it up bump it to 2nd even third sometimes

you guys just aint got the magic touch to get er up
Re: wheelie

QUOTE ("SwampedoutRECON":1177iui4)
you guys just aint got the magic touch to get er up

My little 8 year old brother can even do a wheelie on a recon
Standing on the back is cheating.. I think he meant sitting. Even the 650 needs a little lean back and help to get her up...
Yeah....that's cheating (but fun)!
Oh... I did not say ist wasn't a balst.. I get yelled at 6 or 7 times a day when I do that... It's a blast. And I agree, alot easier too..
omk ok ill make it fair and do a regular one just for u guys and just to prove my skill i wont scrape the rack like dirtyrider6104
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