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LIFT !!!

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I have a 01 450 with HL 2'' kit with 28 mudlights but was thinking about the 2'' springs ontop of that what's everyones thoughts?
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i have an 01 foreman with high lifter springs on it and no lift kit . the reason why i have no lift kit is because i have seen people with foremans with lift kits and highlifter springs and they have priblems with the cv axles going bad .. i recommend not using a lift kit , but the springs are nice and i like them alot . ( but hey im not an atv doctor so i just go on past experinces with other people's rides ... i would get rid of the lift kit and by some highlifter springs instead . then you can have a little more confidence with extra weight on it .. by the way can you send me some pics of your foreman . im getting ready to slap some 27 inch mudbitches on mine , and i want to see how good 28's look on your foreman ....
armour all

lol its a pic when i first bought the bike . you should see it know you would say holy **** !!! but that was funny dude .... i used wd 40 underneath the whole bike than on the outer shell and seat i used black magic . that black magic works nice ,,,,,,
thanks for the info. I dont know what i am going to do now but i will keep yall posted.
thanks for the info. I dont know what i am going to do now but i will keep yall posted.
i wouldnt do it, way too much stress on the cv's. the 2" lift is plenty for your bike.

hi,ive got the lift kit and the high lifter springs.the springs i was supplied are the same height as the standard springs when stood side by trying it all out the weekend,just feels firmer if anything.ill let u know after the weekend how i get on
It will create problems in the long run having the extra stress on the cv's. It'll ride for a while like that but just expect problems down the road.
How's that Black Magic working on the seat ..................
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