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Will a 1.5â€
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no i wont cause stress on your axles to my knowladge but the only way you can gain gc is by bigger tires
Man, I hope not. I really want to put one of these in.....MUAHAHAHA, then I will have some room for maybe bigger tires! MUAHAHAHA
if you go with no lift you can run 27s possably and with lift 27s possably 28
That's cool, now all I need to know is if it will do any premature damage only being 1.5"'s. (oh yeah and if for certain it will fit).
you can run 27's on your stock rims with no scrubbing at all.... i have 27" swamplites on my factory rims and they have plenty of room
what lift are you looking at
It is a custom modeled after a HL.
i sould fit since the rubicon and foreman aint to differnt and there would be no problem on the axle wear with a 1.5 lift
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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