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Lift vs Long travel kit?

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I need more clearance… (keep getting hung-up in ruts on the trails when it’s muddy) therefore I need bigger tires. I’m thinking 28’s. I weigh over 250lbs and often carry a passenger so I’m thinking 28’s will probably rub. I plan on getting Hilifter springs front and rear to help with the passenger load and to help carry the weight of my snowplow in the winter.
My question is if I plan on using the HL springs should I get a 2â€
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i have also heard that the lift and the springs are too much, but i see people doing it more and more. i had a lift on mine, it really helped in the ruts i recomend it if you are wanting to slid over stuff. i never had the longtravel so i dont know much about them, i have heard good stuff about them and they sound like they are the way to go if you want a lift while still having a nice ride. spacers would help, you proubly wouldnt need them in the rear but they would help in the front if you got wider tires.
I have the springs, and the prefex lt kit and 28's and I had to trim the rear fenders. The tires rub the floor board brackets when you turn real sharp. I'm guessing you will need what I have and maybe spacers in the front to get the tires out of the brackets, bend the brackets or just get the 2 inch lift and go from there. Hope this helps ya out.
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