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Lift + Springs + Wheelie = Broken Stuff?

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i have a lift right now, and when i come down from a wheelie i hit pretty hard and im worried about breaking something up front. if i get springs will that make me have a harder landing and break stuff? ie. axle or anything else.

anyone got experience on this?
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my friend has a lift and lift springs on his grizzly and the only thing he broke was a ball joint.
I have been doing wheelies since the day I got it and had a lift and 29.5's on it since the week after I got it and haven't broke anything yet knock on wood I have had my bike since last may.
i was wondering the same thing. i look at it this way though. right now your shocks and springs are taking most of the impact. if you put stiffer springs, then the impact will be sent through more of the front end. do you understand what im trying to say. i would say the springs would make it worse.
my cousin put a lift on his bike and broke both ball joints in a month so there is a posiblity but i got a lift on mine and all i do is when you start to let it drop gun it and let the front end come down as soft as you can that's what i do and it work so far and good luck
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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