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lift springs and lift kit

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I already have a lift kit installed on my 450 and I want to put lift springs on it as well, will I have any problem with the boots or front shafts? I also want to put a Supertrapp pipe on it and I would like to know where to get one at a reasonable price. Thanks!
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I see & hear of folks doin' that all the time. Over the long haul it will probably
wear out your cv joints faster, but a lot of that depends on how you drive it.
If your real rough on it, it will wear them out a lot faster.
The lift kit will change the angle of the front shaft, which can and probably will cause premature wear of your cv joint, the springs will do nothing but restore the normal height of the quad, and cannot increase the lift more than the length of the shock not hurting anything. IMO Over time the front springs sag, that is why people with older quads can see a lot of lift from the springs while someone with a new quad will complain about the springs doing nothing for them
Thanks for the help! I know that the front sags a little bit but the rear is still pretty stout so I'm going to try them out.
yea i had both lift and lift springs on my rancher no problem except i could not guard my boots.
Brandon if I know that you had both cause it is my question
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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