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Lift or Longtravel kit with HL springs?

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I need more clearance… therefore I need bigger tires. I’m thinking 28’s.
I weigh over 250lbs and often carry a passenger so I’m thinking 28’s will probably rub. I plan on getting Hilifter springs front and rear to help with the passenger load and to help carry the weight of my snowplow in the winter.
My question is if I plan on using the HL springs should I get a 2â€
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I don't know why someone would say having the springs and a lift is asking for trouble. The Perfex kit will not give you enough lift, I have the springs and the perfex kit and my 28's rub my brackets for my floorboards.
I have the HL Lift and rear springs with 27's all the way around and the front I have alot of clearence. In the back if I were to ever put 28's on my wheeler I would have to trim the rear fender by your feet a tab.
i would go with springs and 2 inch lift. the long travel i heard is to make the ride more comfortable more than a lift. the springs are going to make the ride a lil more bumpy so might as well get the 2 inch lift. i run spacers on my rubi and im glad i bought em. they wont make anything worse except MAYBE make your tires stick out a lil past the fenders. JMO
Personally, I have no lifts or springs on mine, but from seeing my friends bikes break and from hearing from alot of others, the 2 in lift alone is enough to but the u-joint at enough of an angle to bind it up and break it after a period of time. Thats why everyone is saying lift and springs is asking for trouble. The only thing I am wondering if you might be ok, is that with your weight(no offense) and weight of another passenger it might squat it back down to a reasonable angle. Hope this might clear up some confusion on why at least.
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