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Lift my 06 Foreman or Not?????

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I hear good and bad things about lifting my bike. Is it more likely to have problems if I lift my bike?
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id like to know the same thing. i want to put the HL lift on mine.
i heard doing the lift and the springs is a bad combo and leads to some damage.
what about the perfex lt and HL springs? would that be a good combo and give it more lift than just HL lift? also, is that safer for the bike than HL lift and HL springs?
it all depends on how you ride. i ride it hard with HL lift and springs with no problems.
NO it is hard on it. I thought I would be safe with 27" 589's wrong broke the rear ujoint because of it
how do you break a u-joint with 589's? i run zillas and swamplites with no problems at all
I haven't had any problems with the lift and the springs. aastelly is right, it's all in how you ride.
I run 28 outlaws with a lift and have no problems either.
Lift it Lift it!!! I had no problems with mine I have a 2" lift with 27" ITP 589's. I do mudbogs, wheelies, muding, trail, and ride hard have not broken anything on mind.
And if you ride in a car you're more likely to get in a wreck than if you stayed on your couch all your life. Stop worrying and lift it.
Quit worrying and lift it,you can break parts without a lift even.Mine are run hard and both have lift kits and 589s.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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