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Lift kits for new rubicon?

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is it a good idea to put a lift kit on a 07 rubicon. My brother-n-law has a polaris 800 sportsman that sits alot taller.
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they do add more stress on your joints, some people stay away from them because of that reason. i had one on my rubicon and i never had any problems. IMO if you are a mudder you will love it.
Whats some adivice on putting on some power adders. After i install the lift and 27" in tires!
i had 27" tires on my rubicon, i had a jet kit, k&n filter, exhaust, and clutch kit and i turned them pretty good. they are all pretty basic mods besides the clutch kit, that takes some work to put in but is worth it.
Thanks alot buddy, I'll post some pics soon..
what exactly does the clutch kit do for you??? Does it just stop it from slipping under the increased load of the larger tires?? or does it do anything else?
the clutch kit makes the clutch engage at a higher RPM so that the bike can get into its power band more easily when under load.
so its just like a high stall converter on in drag racing....i understand...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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