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lift kit

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whats the highest you can lift a 500 without putting the u-joints in a bad bind?
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i have HL 2" lift.... works good for me
foreman has a SRA so its not really made to be lifted
adding a lift will give you no more ground clearance
so what is the purpose of a lift then?? for bigger tires?
it will give you more in front but nothing in the rear. like selah86 its hard to get decent GC out of SRA bikes.
yeah if u want bigger tires.
its like putting a body lift on a truck, it sits taller but you dont gain any ground clearance.
Adding a lift allows for bigger tires, which in turn adds higher ground clearance. The lift itself doesn't do much though.
but its a completly different story if u have IRS
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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