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Lift Kit

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I just ordered my perfex lt a few min. ago. I have heard nothing but good things about this kit. Now all I have to do is snorkle it, get some tires, and get some rims.
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The only complaint I have is Idont like how the back end raises up when you give it gas and the fact that I broke a U joint 3 days (two rides) after install but I'm not saying it caused it! I only run the front now and I'm fixin to run HL springs all around!
I did not like that eather but I put it on the next setting and it stopped. The ride is not as good but when I put my hl springs on I'm going to try the other setting again.
what is the better lift kit? HL or the perfex?
The one were talking about here is not a "lift kit". Perfex makes a lift kit but thats not what we have, we have the perfex long travel kit.
the long travel kit changes the angle of the shocks to a more up right angle giveing a better ride, more suspention travel, and does give a 1 to 1.5 inch lift. lifts on the other hand are just brackets that raise the lower mounting point on the shocks.
It lifted mine less than an inch.
oh sorry i was told it lifts 1.5 maybe thats just on a differnt bike
Yeah My front only lifted like 3/4 the back was like 1.5 on the low seting till I sat on it
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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