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Lift Kit?

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I Was lookin @ the highlifter lift kit for my 07 foreman im guessing its a 2inch lift but will it make a noticable diffrence or is in just not worth the money also if someone has a highlifter kit on their foreman i would love to see pictures to help make my mind up
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In my opionion, not worth it. You can fit most tires with out it, and with out the extra stress the lift puts on the suspension and drivetrain. Plus you still have the same ground clearance in the back lift or no lift.
my wife and i have the same bike but hers is red and side by side there is about a 3" difference from my racks and hers in the front but about 1.5" on back rack thats cause of the tires.theres a little difference to me its worth it but you dont necessarily need it your choice..
any thing against the prefex long travel kit as far as stress on drivetrain parts
is it that bad? i had heard that it was better than the HL
QUOTE ("JWJR":enofg805)
is it that bad? i had heard that it was better than the HL
i think he was talking about the lift. the perfex kit doesnt cause any harm that ive heard.
JWJR I'm talking about the lift. Don't know much about the perfex system.
Lift Kit

I have a Honda Foreman 500 s and I love my new lift kit just put it on about a month ago. I believe that it will make your fourwheeler look alot tougher and meaner. Also the ride is pretty much the same if not better because on the new Foremans the shocks are just too flexible and when you sit on it you loose alot of clearance. The rear axle will not lift but the front will lift greatlyalso putting this lift on is gong to raise your muffler,carburator(vent hoses and drain plug), and breather alowing you to go farther if you do alot of going through water and mud. I have 27" Swamp Lites and before I put the lift on from High Lifter my tires rubbed the inside fenders when I turned now with the lift I'm fixing to move up to 28" without even coming close to rubbing. If it was me I would get it cause there isnt any whearing on any of my axles. SO I would go with it and it not like it an outragous price infact its a good investment in your Honda.
I have the Perfex long travel kit on my 450s and I love it. It has noticeably given me a softer ride and has lifted my quad about 1.5".
Bigger tires are really the way to get more clearance with a solid rear axle. I've had my Perfex for 1year now with about 300kms of all types terrain and to date no axle problems.
For the money and ease of install, I'd say get it
welp i wish i had saved the money and just bought the perfex kit first, I threw my rear lift in the trash after i got some BAD BAD noises from the rear of my bike, all better now, still run the front lift but if it goes up again its gonna be a on a perfex or an IRS
The preflex kit only lifts it like an inch right?
somethign like that
So what does it do? Give it more travel?
i guess since its considered more of a ride enhancer
So what does it do? Give it more travel?[/quote

from what i have read it moves the shocks to a more up and down position causing the lift and making the ride softer.
aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I ssssseeeeee.
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aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I ssssseeeeee.
i see said the blind man. glad i could help. not positive though if i am correct or not.
Changes the angle of the shocks. Gives about 1.5 inch lift and helps
with the ride. Had one on my 2004 450es, and have put one on 2006 500es. Ride is better than stock. Have had 3 honda atv's, 2000, 350es that had 9600 miles a 2004, 450es that had 4200 miles and 2006, 500es that has 1500 miles, all 3 had lift kits on them and NEVER had any problems with any of them.
The Perfex kit changes the angle of the shocks so they are more upright which forces the axle and a arms down. it does give more shock travel and a smoother ride. atleast thats what the company that sells it says.
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