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Lift Kit

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What is the best lift kit out there for the money? All i wont is about 2 inches. My 27 in mudlites scrub so i need something to get it up there a little bit.
Foreman 450 2001
27 Mudlites
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there are few different kits available for your bike. all seem to work well. This is the kit I have on my bike, it mounts on the top of the shock. on the rear it requires u to drill a hole in the frame to install a bolt, which is no big deal. Runs around $60
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On the wifes bike I have the kit that HL offers which mounts on the bottom. Runs about $100,

There is the Perflex kit which is alittle more expensive than you standard lift. It just depends on what u want spend.
Try the Perfex Long Travel kit, it will give you about an inch and half of lift and soften the ride on that Foreman. I put one on mine and rode it yesterday, all I can say is that it was money well spent.
'Bout time you finally got to ride it.
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