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lift kit ?

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I fit 27's with no problem on mine but was thinking of putting a lift kit on for the extra ground clearance. My question is would it be worth it, or do the lift kit put to much strain on the front axles to make it worth it. The only time that I have been stuck is when I was upside down or high centered.

Thanks for the advice.
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I ride very rocky terrain w/ the HL Lift kit. I still have the stock 25's on mine,but the 27's are on the way. The 2" lift does help a lot on the terrain that I ride on. After the 27" Bearclaws I imagine it will lift me up a little more. I'm happy with the HL lift kit and there have been no problems w/ the axles.
yea i was also thinking of putting a lift on my rubicon but i am not worried about the axles i am gonna have someone make me custom axles.
Yeah i think I am going to do it shortly, and if I guess if I break an axle than that just means that it is time to upgrade.
Go for it,I dont think youll have any problems.Ive never had one axle fail on me with 200 Hrs with my 450.I only had a boot get torn by a cypress tree with the stock boot gaurds...The angles on the inner joints will look funny but never had a failure yet....
bnjeep if you upgrade your axles talk to me first because might be coming out with new upgraded axles alot cheaper then garillas.
lift kit

Being the cheapskate I am, I got my lift off of ebay. Mudlift was the person and I think the store name was Atvlift. It's a 2" stainless steel kit. Cost me $60 bucks with shipping. I installed it Friday and only did a short test ride but it seems to work well. I'll know more once I get in the mud next weekend. It added a nice look to mine with the 26's.
Yeah I think I will be ok, Rubicon (travis right?) I will let you know before I go to upgrade axles. I remember yall saying something about a guy in Orl. that might be making axles.
I built my own lift. It works great, and I don't have ground clearance prob anymore.
yea might be coming out with there own kind of gorilla axles. A lil top secret shhhhhhh
Ground clearence is important. I put the perfex long travel lift kit on in combination with itpwheels and 27's(mulights)no problems. My budy has same bike stock 04 rubi. We went ice fishing for trout. The trail was good on the way in but the snow turned soft because of the warm temps . We must of winched his bike at least 20 times mine only once.
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