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Lift kit types/brands?

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I have been looking at the diffferent kits available and I thought all had the same theory in lift--put space between the shock and the original shock mount.
Looking at the Highlifter kit, the Xtreme ATV lifts, and the Moose Utilities lift there seems to be differences. The Xtreme kit says they did some special things to make them different than the rest???
My main objective is to get a little lift and keep the ride and performance about the same.

This is my first post here, a lot of good infomation thanks.
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My father has the perfex on his Rubicon, and I am deciding between what to get.
The perfex lift seems alright, the handling is tippy around corners, and with the 424 kit the rear lifts when you give it the gas starting out. Maybe the handling would be corrected a little with a wider stance. I would expect with a lift kit that the ride quality would be the same as stock, just a higher center of gravity.

Thanks for the offer on the lift but I am not ready to make a buy yet.
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