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Lift Kit Question

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I don't ever get into the mud like some of you, but I am considering the Long Travel Kit for the suspention, and I like what I hear for the back end. However I here that raising the front even an inch is going to cause extra wear on the CV joint.

So I was wondering about opinions, would it look dumb on just the back?
Does it wear the CV bad? Are they hard to replace once they go?

I know some of you guys have a lot of miles on lifted machines so comments and input would be great.

THanks alot
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I was wonderin' the same thing. I am also thinkin' about the Perfex Long Travel suspension for ours. If it is gonna cause premature wear & tear on parts, I don't want it.
I ran a lift kit on my Foreman for over a year and never had any problem with CV joints .
But a lift will put extra stress on the componets .
Damage will depend on your riding style .

Just installed the Long Travel kit and all angles are straighter than with the lift kit so I would say you will have a lesser chance of damage with this kit .
Just my opinion though.
I have had one on mine for almost a year now with no problems. My buddy has had one almost 2 years and he has just had to put a set of bearings in the front, however we ride alot of mud and water. I would highly recomend getting this kit. It is well worth the price of 90.00, I have some pics of it installed on my bike, the pics are in my sig.
plus just lifting the back isnt gonna do a whole lot, except give some more clearance for the tires, kinda sucks, no matter how much we lift these things, you still get the same clearance from the ground to the rear diff. I guess thats the drawback we gotta take to have a Foreman.
I'll take that drawback anyday over not having a dependable atv. I have been there with my other atv I had before the Honda. All I can say is I had to miss out on way too many rides because of many reliability issues with my other brand. I'm not gonna say it was a Polaris, because that would give it away.
Well I plan on getting some 26" tires next year or this winter, and I don't mind the way the Foreman rides, I dont over fill the tires and my big butt makes for an ok ride, but a softer ride would be great. I am getting the kit 90% sure but I might not install the front lift it is going to cause me excessive wear and tear. I can always put it on and then take it off again if the front is destroyed.

So I was just really wondering if anyone has put on a lift and the front has been just fine for years or does any one know how hard it is to replace the CV joints?

Thanks alot
Replacing CV axles is a pretty easy job. The only tough thing about it is separating the ball joints, other then that its a piece of cake.
I just ordered the Lift kit but just the back from Hebco for 50 bucks, because the way I look at it you only get true lift from bigger tires (like robb said rear diff is not raising) because the axle does not lift, however I will look like I am driving a drag car by adding 2 inches to the back.

Now the next trick Talk the wife into bigger tires
QUOTE ("harry":1h452sd9)
Now the next trick Talk the wife into bigger tires
Good luck
I ran the lift kit on my 04 450 for a year and I ran 28 Zilla's and never had to replace one part on that whole bike.That and some good tires will surprise you,you'll think your on a new bike...
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