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lift kit and mods

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i got a 95' foreman and i just put 27 inch tires on it and it wants to rub the plastic in the back. what lift do i need to put on it? And i have noticed a big power loss in my 400. i already have a k&n but what else can i do. ??
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I had the same problem with my 99' 450.
I got the Perfex long travel kit, that helped with tires rubbing.
I lost power too, so I put on a aftermarket pipe and clipped the carb spring. You should get a jet kit and a different air filter as well.
The pipes can get expensive but I found mine on another site, used for a good price. Up here in Canada, Pipes are from $400-$500 so looking around helps.
yes an exhaust and jets will help. On mine(wifes) I am only running a uni filter, snorkel and clutch kit, everything else is stock. It handles the 27" zilla's fine, haven't stop them from turning yet.

I would go with the clutch kit first, it is one of the cheaper mods.
I agree...SHOP around.. I was quoted $300 from the local ATV shop for a good HMF pipe. I found LEESON'S Import Motors out of Bridgeport WV. He sends you a HMF pipe with the filter SHIPPED to your house for $210.00. Great guy. Ask for Jeff Vincent. They have them all in stock. 2-3 days and you got it.
what kind of jet kit and what kind of clutch.

i looked at the lift kit and i love the price i'll order it.

Thanks in advance
My 96 has lift kit and I still had to trim the plastic some on the rear front corners
As far as power, after I installed a snorkel, [email protected] filter and just a stage 1 kit, it has as much as it had stock
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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