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Lift for rear end

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I just got a forman 500s I brought a xtreme 2 inch lift for it and was told not to put the rear end lift on ,it would start tearing stuff up can anyone give me any help here i am not a hard core mud rider more of just riding drinking and watching but i will play now and then. and one more thing wheel spacers what yall think about them i have 27 itp mudlite xtrs
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I have a 2in lift on my rear and haven't had a lick of trouble and I ride hard. With the tires you have and the riding style you just mentioned I don't see you having trouble. As for spacers... I have 1.5s on my rear. If you are not running aftermarket rims I would go with those before I put spacers all the way around.
so you have spacers just in the back? is that a good idea? why didn't you get them all the way around?
buy putting spacers on the rear end you are keeping your tires out more so that they are not in the ruts of your front tires therefore haveing more to pull for the whole lift thing it is very hard on stock axels but more then that by putting the back higher you are changing the angle in your ujoint in the rear end causeing it to be more prone to break but i dont have a lift on mine and have broken axels and a ujoint so you are just as likely to break one with out it then with it
i wouldn't worry about lifting the rear, maybe just one size bigger tire in the rear. i know guys that run 26" tires on the front with a lift and 28" tires on the back and the bike looks pretty even when riding, easy to turn...

i am just the opposite, i want 28's on the front and 27 on the rear...if the front doesnt catch in a rut i can usually slide over it with the rear...
we had a lift on a 2004 rubicon and we didnt have a problem and we had over 3500 miles on it..
I have a 2" lift, 2.5" spacers all around, and 28" outlaws and have had no troubles.
QUOTE ("selah86":2ekz29fg)
so you have spacers just in the back? is that a good idea? why didn't you get them all the way around?

I have rear offset rims all the way around. I have the spacers to even the rear out with the front.
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