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Lets talk transmissions

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First, I really, really, really dont want to get rid of my Foreman for something else, but.....

For the 2nd time now, I have destroyed parts of my trans. I dont know for sure, as I never talked to the mechanic the first time, but I think the problem I have now is the same problem I had about 200 miles ago.

I was going through some pretty nasty but very wet mud, nice water mud mix that is tough to get through with out working real hard. I was in first gear and spent a good 3-5 mins working myself through this hole when it popped real loud, felt like it skipped a tooth or something in the trans.

The bike is now apart and the culprit has been found. At least 2, and maybe 3 gears are destroyed but its not the teeth that are having the problem, its the face of the gear where they are engaged. Without having seen the actual gears themselves yet, im only speaking on what the mechanic has told me. He described the face of the gear having a raised square that locks into another gear I think, the raised square part wore real bad and became circular. When ever a load is put on 1st hear it would pop or skip, the gear is not staying engaged as it should. I was also told the shift forks look worn as well, and these were replaced the first time I had this problem. question is, am I doing something wrong??? I have an S model and always let off the gas when changing gears, and I dont downshift into first going much more then 5-6 mph. I do a lot of rev matching when downshifting though, I press the shifter down, and rev the motor a little then put it in gear to keep the downshifts as smoothe as possible. Road race guys do this when going into turns to keep all there momentum up. Is this a possible reason for damages?? Do I just have a lemon??

I do have the 29.5 outlaws, and expect to break things with them, but I was hoping to break axles, and not internal transmission parts? The first trasmission failure happend when I ran less aggressive 27inch tires as well.

Ask anyone I ride with and I baby my Foreman quite a bit. But, I do spend a lot of time in the water, and I know it has to be hard on the machine to push all the water out of its way. Is this the reason for the failures?

For the Honda Technicians on the board, I could really use some help here. Any insight, espically to the workings of these transmissions would help so much.
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mines shot

i posted the other day about my first gear gone. talked to mech. around the area and they have seen a good number of gears gone in the 500's my bike is only about six months old and in excellent shape, just no first gear! i think im just gonna bite the bullet and take a lose and sell like is for a new one.
We have a lot of TRX500's sold and none back yet with this type of transmission trouble .. I've had several 500's tore down for crankshafts (part of the clutch plate recall) .. Honda used a different type of "gear dog & slot" on the 500 .. I'm not a big fan of this type of transmission ..

This is the dog & slot style on most older & some new Hondas the slot holes go all the way thru the gear and seems like a more positive lock when it's in gear....

This is the TRX500 type dog & slot .. As you can see the slot holes don't go all the way thru the gear ..

Was your transmission gears ,shafts & shift forks measured before re-assembly ..The shift fork that goes with the gears that were replaced must have been replaced also I hope .. And I hope it was assembled using the shop manual to make sure the thrust washers were the right ones & in the right places ..Over the years we've even had a few transmissions apart that Honda assembled the thrust washers wrong or had thrust washers missing..

Here's a picture of the mainshaft & a picture of the countershaft from a TRX500 .. Everytime the transmission gears are off any circlips removed should be replaced with new ones and the sharp edge of the circlip should face away from the side with pressure against it..

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yeah it sounds like the castings are bad for some gears in this trans. the dog clutches (teeth to engage next gear) may not have the proper radius or may even be not thick enough to support the load of 29.5 tires.the weakness in the new models will start to show after a while when everyone modifies them.I'm not sure what to tell you besides hopefully honda will beef these parts up in the future.good luck with your mission here.
Honda Mechanic, thanks for the pictures, makes sense to me now. I will be honest, I dont trust the work that was done after the first repair, I found obvious mistakes. I can only hope the guy doing the work now, knows exactly what hes doing.

What would be the chances of fitting 450 gears and parts in the 500??
It sounds to me that for some reason the gears were not being engaged all the way or whatever holds them in place when engaged had some slop in it allowing the gear dog and slot not to be able to stay in place letting it slip out away from each other during heavy load conditions. Meaning this problem might have been caused from something not being put back together right after the first tear down and repair. When I go to pick up my 05 Foreman 500 from the Honda dealer for the clutch recall I will ask them if they have had any 500's brought in for this problem.
i feel the same way bout the mechanic here. have to bring it to house of retards(aka house of power) for recall work. i dont trust them.
Jezz guys,

You are scaring the **** out of me!!!

I bought a 2005 Foreman S thinking that was the best machine around!!!

I do not do any wheelies either going thru thick mud or submarine or snorkle waters, but work alot with it and pull out alot of trees from the wood with it, plowing Quebec canadian big snow, removing tree stumps
easaly and still think that this is a tank!!

This machine is doing everything I wanted too.

I think that some of you guys out there that is really funny and sure have alot of fun with your machines putting on some xtremely big tires and doing submarines all the time, but my point of view is that those machine are not designed for that kind of sh..t

Here in my region, some mechanic are laughfing at those one who are doing what you guys are doing. One of them told me that is you want to spend alot of money and mechanical time on your quad that the best think is to submerged it with water and mud!!! Still you can cross water or mud, but living in it will damage it good.

That was just my 2 cents , and hope never have to changed any gears of rebuild the motor in mine.

I am really sorry for the problems your having with your Robb!

Mine is yellow too, hope that the color is not for lemon.

Sorry about my writting guys, still I am french

I have received my Service Manual and hope will never need it to work in some parts of the heart!

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Yeah I will take SOME of the blame, but not all. I am really curious to see how these machines do in the long run pushing, and pulling, and plowing heavy loads. Thats as tough on a machine as working a good mud hole. The bike doesnt know if its pushing through 5foot deep water, or plowing a 10foot snow bank. Food for thought.
I think we need to just sell the the atv's and build some Scaggle transporters like these....
A question for Honda_Mechanic,

I have check in my Service Manual for what the transmission look's like on the Foreman 500 and wanted to know if they are the same setup of the
Foreman 450 and the 350 or the 500 in a new design transmission????

If not why is everybody telling that 450 is soldier ??


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