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Let see your foreman 500'S

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Well post up pics of your rigs!
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Mine's yellow Lil Bro's red
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This is my Foreman "Verde"
fittin 29.5

I trimmed the rear fenders a little bit, but the main thing is to bend back the front fender brackets as far back as they will go then zip tie the front part of the fenders that drop below the foot rack to the footrack itself. If you don't sometimes they will get stuck and rub on the tires. The only time they rub is when I get it in a bad bind with the wheels cut all the way.
QUOTE ("yellowbeast":3rcs4072)
think them front tires are skinny enough?
lol thats what i was thinking!!
sig has mods.......more to come, hmf utility, 27in mudzillas (next week?)
i'm running

29.5's on my forman, trim the rear fenders 1.5" wheel spacers and your good to go i don't got the lift springs either just a lift kit and 4 halves of 3 inch body lift blocks!
Bowz i think you need a taller snorkle..............
haha yeah i know its a lil to tall, she'll float before i get that deep, oh well haha,its my first snorkel i built.
my 2 week old foreman
4wheelers kick ass.... muddy 4wheelers kick more ass
chicks kick ass... muddy chicks kick more ass

muddy 4wheelers + muddy chicks = YEEEAAAAHHH MAAAANNN!!!!

*bored at work*---sorry

too much coffee at work today there selah?
edited. 27in mudzillas
41 - 60 of 484 Posts
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