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Let see your foreman 500'S

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Well post up pics of your rigs!
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got to love the stockers.....
mine still does look like that but the black plastic has dirt in it
QUOTE ("Unstuckable":cxfomlss)
Did you spray paint the motor plastics? They look good. I'll probably do that.
07 and up foreman motor covers are all black
im pretty sure they are interchange able since the motor didnt get any modifications between 06 to 07
what is that on the front
im sure it works both ways
yeah i think he does. do you have any issures with the tires rubing on the exhaust?
yes rubis are SRA. and IRS uses the same off set front and rear.
that is a good looking bike. did you paint the snorkel red or did you buy pipe like that?
If i had pictures of my bike when it is clean. i would post them, but i use Mothers back to black on the plastics, some cheap wheel cleaner on the wheels, and the kitchen cleaner Comet on the tires. sad thing is the back to black gets all oily looking when you get it wet and makes the bike look like $#!t so i just clean it real good once or twice a year.
for that many miles your bike looks great. :goodjob and the photos arent bad for a camera phone. mine really suck...i got a VGA camera in mine.
Yes it probably did. The forums used to be under different ownership and when the new owner took over they switch forum hosting service and when that happened...we lost a lot of pictures. Sorry but we can not get them back.
1 - 12 of 484 Posts
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