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Let see your foreman 500'S

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Well post up pics of your rigs!
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Here is mine.
Lets see your foreman 500's

it currently is snorkeled and has 30" mud lites (this pic is old)
How does yours do on the 30"s??? I am runnin 28"s right now but I am limited to first gear in the mud! How bad do the 30"s bog you down??
im guessing it has something to do with the clutch kit
i have pics in personal gallery... put i well post pics when i get home...
2005 foreman s
2006 500es
Big Nasty!!
heres the foreman 2005 es mods in sig
Your bike looks awesome BGRDforeman!
This is my Rubicon... Pics aren't that great, I will get a better one when I am back home.
thanks boss500
little mud, more in sig
Heres mine
1 - 20 of 484 Posts
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