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sometimes legends are made because of a fluke are an accident but still live on. last saturday i go on a trail ride with several friends. i got the only honda in the bunch and i'm surrounded by suzukis and polaris including a couple of king quads. i'm somewhere in the middle of the pack when the procession comes to a grinding halt. i weave my way through the rabble of inferior quads to find that all the forward riders are standing around a large tree that had fallen across the trail during the winter. the general discussion starts with the plausibility of moving the tree and then when its decided that it is too big, then the discussion turns toward an alternate route. i curse the sissies and their sissy atvs and plant my front bumper against the tree which is about 3 feet in diameter at the base. the large pine tree at the trail is still about 10 in diameter and my first attempt at pushing it is met with failure and a round of laughs from the peanut gallery. i regroup and reposition the bumper, and bury the throttle. the mighty foreman comes alive and the itp xtr radials bite into terra firma. the tree lets out a groan and then suddenly snaps. having no time to let off the gas, the big honda wheelies up over the smitten tree. the crowd became very quiet with mouths agape in awe and admiration. now the big honda is held in a different light and revered by all that were present. never mind the fact that the log was rotted. some legends are best left alone.
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And these are the other riders expression's.
Honda's Rule!!!
I love it!!!!
haha - great story!
THATS GREAT.. And on the next trip.. YOU WILL BE THE LEAD DOG !!
That's cool!! I'd bet if anything but a Honda tried that they'd be smokin' their belts.My brother-in-law has an Artic Cat 500 and although it's faster than my 500 foreman,he's replaced the belt 3 times in 1,400 miles.Plus all the other problems he's had.
literacy, you gotta love it!! Very nice, enjoyed.
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