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Leaving tomorrow, jetting wrong.....HELP HONDA MECH

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Allright, rejetted with 165 main and e-clip on #3. Poor throttle so moved e-clip to #2 - runs much better but doesn't pull from 1/2 to full throttle. Tried e-clip on #1 but starves for fuel up to half. Pulled plug and it is black, obviously to rich.

Should I try the 160 main or just go back to stock. It starts/idles beautifully with the kit but just isn't pulling the way she should. I don't know how DJ can be so far off. I'm approx. 1000 fos so the 165 should be the right main. Kind of pissed off because I'm leaving to shoot some geese tomorrow and don't want to spend all night tinkering. If I do go back to stock main how many turns out on Air/Fuel screw, forgot stock settings. Was it 1.5 turns out?
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if the plug is black then you need to go smaller on the main jet. i would try a 160 and you should be fine with the clip on the 3rd notch
Thanks, I'll give 'er a try. If this doesn't work I will be selling a DJ Q115 if anyone is interested!!
Well I threw in the 160 main. I'll just have to wait and see how she runs tomorrow.
160 main #3 on needle and 2.5 turns out on A/F.............runs excellent. Great throttle response and pulls all the way to the top. I just wonder why DJ was wrong about the main size.
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