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Lean or Rich?

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ok the bike is running rough at cold start and idle
then blows black smoke when reved in N and sometimes pops fire.
but runs alot better when warm but still makes a surge at slow speeds and dies at idle after 45 seconds.

The bike had a float level problem that flooded the engine so i bent the float down to increase presure on the valve and fixed it .
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with the black smoke it sounds like your running rich, mine is running rich also since the new top end, it puffs alittle black when cold, but once it warms up she does fine. sooner or later I will get/make time to fine tune her.
here s the plug
Your plug shows it being rich. Did I recall you changing out your pilot jet or is it still the stock pilot jet? how does it do on mid and full throttle.
i didnt let the bike warm up when i just pulled the plug, stock pilot jet
im going for a ride now .
but it pulls great .
well i cant tell if the rev limiter hit or it broke up revving it in 2nd gear.
i ran it topped out on the rode ran clean ,and it hit 50 mph and i have 27"s on it , she still had one or two more in her but i backed off.
try dropping your needle a notch or two and see what it does once its warmed up. dropping the needle will lessen the fuel flow alittle and should get rid of the black smoke as long as you main jet is not to big.
plug after all warmed up and a full throttle run .
plug # DPR7EA9

does that look lean?
that doesnt look to bad, if it was lean the outer rim would be white along with the center. The center is suppose to be a tan color. how long are your runing the bike, are your riding it or running it in the shop? Is it still backfiring and smoking once it has been warmed up?
no smoke or poping , but that plug is pure white and the point is gray ,i think it might be lean at idle and really lean at wot still. i do have a cam in it.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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