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leaking rust!!!

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my 2005 forman is leaking rust drips after everytime i clean it!!!! is this normal? its under a year old... thanks
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my frame is doing the same thing and its only 5 months old.
if you wash your foreman often your frame will thing to do is run the engine for about 5 minutes and blow it dry with a air compressor..i learned this the hard way on my 03 foreman..
sweet thanks..... it sucks that it rusts tho. it is leaving stains in my garage, and i wash mine after every use. i wonder if there is ne way to solve this problem?

i dont know if this works but i will share this information anyway.
about 10 years ago i had to take a chemistry class. the instructor(very smart man) went on to explain how rust developes. it is a chemical reaction between metal and oxygen(found in water). anyway this guy said if you were to remove a section of paint from your frame and attatch a block of aluminum to the unpainted section the ions that cause rust would be drawn the the aluminum block(like a magnet) this would hault rust from developing on the frame , also the aluminum block will begin to disolve into dust over time. he swore it would work.
If you attach a piece of zinc to your frame it is suppose to do the same thing. I see them on outboard motors alot and it keeps them rust free and i'm talking salt water too. You can also buy little copper strips that stick to your battery that will keep corrosion from building up on the battery posts.
Talk about a world of knowledge. You can get it all right here.
Anything to help a fellow Honda rider out!
Somethin else that works really good is to either do a wheelie or stand the bike on the rack, i do it after evry wash it drains all the watter out of the frame and keeps it from rusting worse and dripping everywhere.
I have been thinking of trying to "seal my frame" put caps on the ends and weld the drains. But I would have to completely dismantle my bike and would rather not do that. So the other idea I had was to pour oil down the tubes and let it sit for awhile and then just go with it.
It has always been my understanding the zink blocks keep from eating away the aluminum in boat motors and not rust. Electrolisis is what causes the aluminum to be eaten away and electrolisis eats the zink before the aluminum. Never heard of this preventing rust. I had zink all over my inboard/outboard motor, and the exhause still got rust and had zink blocks all over the place, but outdrive was protected as it was aluminum and electrolisis is much worse in salt water, thus, zink is much more important on boats and motors in salt water. We also use zink in heat exchangers to prevent erosion to metals from electrolisis in the chemical plant I work at.
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