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Leaking Oil

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I just recently had a starter replaced on my Foreman. Do you have to open up the motor to replace the starter? Reason I ask is because I am now leaking oil. I wasn't leaking oil before I took it to the dealer. I will be taking my skid plate off to try to find the source of the leak soon. Just really bust right now. Just recently got a new addition to the family and he's taking up all of our time. His name is Chance and he's a chocolate Lab !
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The starter mounts on the outside of the engine and has an o'ring on it where it goes thru the engine case .. I'd check there first ..The starter is on the right side of the engine (when sitting on the seat) it's covered by a plastic cover .. Just remove the cover (2 bolts) then remove the 2 starter bolts and slide the starter out ..check the o'ring .. The o'ring should have a little grease on it to make it slide into the case easier & help it from leaking ..

My brother used to breed chocolate labs .. and purtian cats

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Cant help you with the engine problem, but CONGRATZ on the new addition. Sorry, had to get that in..HeHe
I wish i had a dog that would go ridin' with me. I have two Boston Terriers.
The male is too fat & gets to hot & the female would just run off.
Thanks Honda Mechanic!

The other day I brought our pup in because we had a bad thunderstorm and he hopped right up on the Foreman and sat down. That was easy, the hard part is going to be getting him use to Mr. HMF hehe .
Finally had a chance to look things over and noticed the oil leak was coming from my front drive shaft. Guess it was just a coincidence that it happened after I got it back from the shop. Thanks for the help! It's headed back to the shop next week.
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