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leaking airbox

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Hey guys everytime i get in some water my airbox fills up. Now i dont believe i'm deep enough for it to come in by the lid and i think the stock snorkel thing should be high enough that its out of the water also. So where do u think its coming in at? I'm gonna post a link down at the bottom to show you a pic of how deep i was when the airbox started filling. Now yesterday I had it a little bit deeper--the front end was down in maybe another 2 inches and the airbox filled up to the bottom of the air filter. I can't figure out how its getting in. I would snorkel but i dont even know if that'll do any good! Any ideas?
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Mine did the same thing i think its the drain plug at the bottom of the airbox. To me its not sealed but by that clamp and it comes through there.
yea check your drain plug and if that isnt it, you could carefully fill the bottom of your air box up and see where water runs out at.
i never did figure out but where does the stock snorkel run to and isnt the air box lid water proof
my stock snorkel ran right up along side of the gas tank, im gessing its about the dame on a foreman 500. the air box lid is kind of water proof but not really too good, but all you have to do is get silicone and seal it up.
The stock snorkel runs on top of your gas tank under the body plastic. And sometimes the airbox lid is not water tight. Does not have a rubber seal or anything, just plastic on plastic.
thanks for telling me
Mine was leaking from somewhere too so I pulled airbox and sealed the two grommets plus I put some on the stock snorkel inlet. Everything works great now. I used a grey sealer from Yamaha...Yamaseal I think.
It could be the drain plug on the bottom of the air box. If that not it check the seal from your box to your snorkel/air intake.
^^^^^^^^I don't think so.......
awesome ill have to screw with it tomorrow
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