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leakage under skid plate...wth is it?

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i had ripped my skid plate off on a tree a while back, i decided to just throw on a piece of aluminum in the mean time. while i stood the bike up to check things out i noticed there was a shaft going from front to back and where it goes into the other box there was a little oil around it like it was leaking out... i haven't had time to check and see what it is yet.

but does anyone know what i am talking about? should i worry about it?
my oil level is always okay so it can't be much of a leak.

maybe a seal is bad...but that spot looks like a pain in the butt to get to.
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if you are talking about your front drive shaft going from motor to the front differential then it is probally the seal around the drive shaft comeing out of the motor........ It isnt really a bid deal and is very common on these bikes mine is doing the same thing too and this will be the 3rd time that i have had to change the same seal........also its not a really hard job to do it looks alot harder then it is....... I always change it though because i am in the water more then on land on my bike and i figure if oil can get out then water can get in......... If this is the seal that you are talking about then it is a 3 dollar seal from the honda dealer
how hard is it to change and could u give me some directions on that? my front drive seal is the same way.
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