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Leak Shield

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Do more trail riding than mud and water but I have been thinking about installing one of those recoil start leak shields just to be extra safe and for a little peace of mind.

I know if water/mud gets in this seal and hurts the engine it is not under warranty.

My question is.. who has this and is it worth it?

question 2.. does having the leakshield void my warranty?

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There plenty of people around here that ride in a lot of water with no problems. I think if you are running in deep water for extended periods of time, as in minutes not seconds. You may consider it. Since your mainly a trail rider I would not sweat it. Just leave it as it is. I put some RTV on the pull handle to seal up the top better, but that is it.

As far as voiding the warranty, Dunno. Depends on what you are taking it in for. If you broke a CV, I don't see how the leaksheild would have anything to do withit. But if you got water into the motor from something other than the recoil, I doubt it would be covered. I would consult your dealer before installing one. There some dealerships that sell them.
yea see that is what I was thinking also.

But I did talk to a guy who only had 80 miles on his bike and took the recoil off to find everything all wet and grit on the seal. And he said all he had done was some light stuff to get to his hunting spot.

So that got me thinking.. how do I really know if I need it or not.. ya know?

Im also going to start riding with some old buddys from HS I have not seen in a while.. and if I come across something they are taking I dont want to be left behind "worrying' you know?

I dont know.. just trying to be extra carefull I guess
what do ya think?
Just pull your cover off and take a look. Thats the only way to really be sure. If its realitively dry, silicone it back in place. If its real wet and full of sand then I talk to the dealer about how it would affect the warranty. I think I am going to take my off at the next oil cange and see where I stand.

We have A LOT of water down here, and I have never heard of anyone with this problem locally.
Ok maby I will do that then.

So you said to re-silicone it back in place... I take it you mean to lay a bead around the edge and then bolt it back on? How tight should I do the bolts or does it matter?
I don't know the torque specs, but it is not that critical. Just remember your screwing into Aluminum. Put some silicone where the pull handle comes out as well.
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