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finally got off my lazy but and mounted the 27-12-12 laws on all 4 corners.
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Those look very nice. Let us know how they do.
maybe i will get to test them out next weekend
Looks good, should do good in that LA muck.
They look just like mud bugs.
QUOTE ("Rubicon3303":1p33ylx4)
They look just like mud bugs.
There is a little difference, like an inch of tread and the large side lugs.
jus slight differences
Mud Bugs look like trail tires compared to outlaws. But the Bugs are a good all around tire.
i was running the same set up on my 02 rubicon. the 27 12's pulled awesome i think it's the best set up you can run on a sra bike.

HL got their design of the Outlaws from the original Mudbugs.I met a guy riding in the Ocala National Park and he used to be a HL board member and he told me that.They just opened up the tread and made them with bigger lugs,better for thick mud....
well guys the laws on all corners didnt do so good on the old foreman. I got into some thick stuff, lug the bike real bad, snapped the cage in my DGL, which I have had for 2.5 years. Was not a good day. Heres a few pics of the busted cage.
<a href="" target="_blank"> ... 7764mgjUSa</a>
<a href="" target="_blank"> ... 8344eQajGP</a>
So no more Laws or what?
I had 27-12-12 on the front and rear, the 2 fronts will be replaced with EDL's. I will try this combo, which I should have done in the first place. I knew it would be to much of a strain on the bike, but had to try.
I 'm with you on this. I have the laws only in back and next time I think I would go Zillas all around. I just don't think I could convince the old lady to buy two more tires now.
I also have a set of 27'' zilla's, just want to try something different.
That sucks, might be a stupid question but what is a DGL.
Detroit Gearless Locker for the front end to make it true 4 wheel drive
Oh yeah duh, should have known that. You would think that an axle would go before the locker, that is how it is in my jeep.
Saw your post on the HL forum. Wanted to put a dgl in 04 rubi but seems you getting 2.5 years out of it is pretty good. The thread in HL forum doesnt read to good about the DGL. I put 27,s on my rubi noticed the power decrease as well. Guys are running 28,s on rubicons with a power kit and have no problem. Maybe a power kit ftrom HL is all you need to turn the 27,s. I am sure somebody on the HL forum could tell you. Bike looks good on 27,S.
I have busted one axle with the DGL before
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