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laws or claws

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ok so ive pretty well decided to go with 27's so my question to everyon is should i get laws or claws i know the laws are unbeatable in the mud but ive heard that the claws are just as good and are a little more forgiving on my bike im jetted and piped with the uni filter ive had 26 mudlite xl's and they dont do as well as i would like in the mud wanting to get bigger and more aggresive but dont want to tear my bike apart on the first outing and i got one week to make up my mind please help and as always any input would be appreciated
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Love my claws...but im gonna by laws next. Why you ask? i have no idea mainly because i have never had them.

I can tell you muding wise, i dont think there is a significant difference. laws might have it by a hair.

trail wise my claws ARE ALOT smoother riding than the laws. at slow speeds the laws will definatly shake things up
im with dead mullet. i love my claws. great in mud. good on trail.
well. i say trail...but realize our version of trail riding down here is taking a sugar sand path from the truck/our camp to the mud hole/lake/pond/canal

thats about all the trail riding we do, i swear my bike has like 2000 hours and 300 miles on it
those things really do well on actual trails, ive watched chip in action wit em lhaha
QUOTE ("Flip 500":1ktjogex)
those things really do well on actual trails, ive watched chip in action wit em lhaha
kyle, what do you think about chestnut sunday in a week. i think we can pull it off during the day. was talking to a buddy about it today. let me know.
you mean the 22nd correct? and if so, he** yea..that is if i can get mine back together, you dont even wanna know
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