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Last time for wheel question - then order!

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Sorry for asking again...but this is a big purchase for a guy who just had a baby! I am now reconsidering the ss106, ss112....i think the type 7 polished rims look the best. i am thinking 26" xtr's on the 12" type 7 polished. any pictures will be helpful? also thoughts on the rim choice? I appreciate all the previous advice....this is the last time I will ask before tomorrow! I am ordering from have some of the best prices that I have found and no sales tax.

anyway, thanks again for all the help.
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here is type 7, not sure of style, with xtr's. also not a great shot of black type 7's.
i have

i will be ordering a set of 28" black itp type 7 rims wrapped with itp 589's

hopefully next week, i am getting them from FREE SHIPPING!! cost is about $700 for everything mounted withh all lugs and center caps.
Here are my ss rims with the mudlite xtr's. See what you think.
Man I love them wheels!
i sold a set of 14" type 7's on 27" xtr mudlites for around $675 shipped (new) .
12" rims are less but 14's are cool.
hey chip who's red bike is that?
Black type 7's with chrome center cap and lugs with whatever tire suits you
Here's a picture of my 12" type 7's with 26" Mudlite XTR's.
Awesome! Thanks everybody. This site is the absolute best. I am on here every night reading about is amazing how everybody chimes in to help out a fellow Honda!

Thanks is still between the ss112 and the type 7 Polished. I think I am sold on the XTR...they are just hard to pass up.

Hey did you guys here the Big Horn MAXXIS isn't doing too great? I heard that from the boyz down at outdoorsmanatv...they said that MAXXIS is having a hard time producing enough tires, and therefore is struggling? Anyway, just something that I heard...not sure if it is a major issue or not.

Thanks again. I'll post pics........
James - nice bike!
Hey James, what kind of plow is that
hey eric
it looks like a moose plow the inches i have no clue 50 maybe.... im not the owner thats just my guess adam
here she is! i love em. needs a bath and some armor all...but it is too cold for that right now. thanks for the help.
Love those wheels. the bike looks great!!
So that's what mine will look like after I get mine!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for posting the pics!!!!!!!!!
Now those rims are bad A$$ Man those look nice
wow those look great
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