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last chance

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sure no one wants it? im selling it on friday for 5K as is!
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Thought someone in an earlier post offered that? LOL
i dont think so... i got a guy coming to pick it up for that amount.
Congrats! So what will the new bike be?
i'd rather not say... u'd guys would bash me alllllllllllllllll day long! lol
its worth 8500 and im payin 6000 for it... couldn't pass up the deal.
it its a popo you are in a world of ****. but if its a yamahahaha then you might be in a bit of troble.
WTF??????????? i did offer 5k wuts ur deal huh??? no im jk i dont care i live in texas and dont have a clue where pasadena is so oh well
its about 15 min SE of houston.
wouldnt be a kingquad would it?
haha no!
its a polaris 700 EFI with more stuff on it than my foreman has.
and only 124miles
musta have something wrong with it then...haha...that is what i thought about my foreman when i bought it, thought it was to good to pass up...i checked all the prices of everything added to it and it came out to be like $1600 and i was getting the entire bike with everything on it for 5100 so i was like to good to pass up with only 90 miles on it...well i bought it and within a month of having it i had to have the entire engine pulled from the frame and scraped mud out of the bottom of it before they could do anything else to it then had the top end bored and rebuilt...all in all the repair bill came out to be another $800...but now she is running like a topp

from now on i will stick to buying new stuff unless i know the person personally
dang, this one if from a close friend of mine so i dont have to worry about that.
he's selling his to get a rzr.
why dont i ever come across deals like that
gotta keep ur eyes open...
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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