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last bore on cylinder

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my bike is being bored for the last time possible the guy said, what is the next step if i dont have another bike before this one goes out again...can you just buy a new cylinder and go back to a stock piston and stuff and start the top end all over again? anyone know
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you can buy a new cylinder and stock piston and rings through hondaparts-direct or you can go through thumper racing and get there big bore kit with is 2mm over and the normal highest over bore for one is 1mm over both methods will be about 300 to 350$ for parts
well i bought my bike used, and when it finally crapped out, aparently when the guy tore it apart, i didnt have a top ring on the piston at they took the motor out cuz thats what i wanted to do so they could clean the mud and gunk out of the bottom of the motor, they did all that and went and got a stage 1 piston and it dropped straight through the cylinder so they went back and got a stage 2 piston and that one went straight through as they had to order a piston from the guy who had it before me didnt tell me it was bored at all yet so instead of thinking about getting new cylinder and piston and rings and go back to stock stuff i ended up getting a new timing, new oil pump, new oil coolers(both), new giant size piston and rings, and got the cylinder bored...all in all now i have a brand new motor for the most part cept that i cant bore it up anymore at all...didnt think about getting just a new stock piston and rings with a brand new cylinder until after he was done putting motor back into the frame with all the new stuff in it
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